by Amery Boyer

Remember the line from Daphne DuMaurier, “last night I dreamt I returned to Manderley again”?  Yesterday I returned to Cumberland, the little town where I was born.  With me were my three sisters, Christine, Marguerite and Claire.  We went to see the Museum and to discover and rediscover bits of our collective past.  We all remembered the old Watson’s Garage, argued about whether or not we all remembered the Foubert house where it was originally built on the river, talked about the original donation of land from the Wilsons, and agreed that the Orange Hall had indeed been moved from town to the museum.

We talked about the Morin family’s idea of holding a family picnic on the grounds one of these days and how ideally suited the church is for weddings.  As we strolled back down the treed alleyway, I couldn’t help but think of my ancestor Antoine Morin who built a house  similar to the Levesque house in Beckett’s Creek so many years ago after a multi-year family migration from Port Royal in 1638, through New Brunswick and Ontario to just a few kilometers away from where we stood.

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    Brenda & Mel Wall

    23 11 2019

    Very nice

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