The Ottawa Semi-Weekly Journal

Cumberland October 1, 1888 p. 4

On the occasion of the home coming of the Rev. James Myles Crombie and Mrs. Crombie who have for the past three months been in Scotland, a most enjoyable “welcome home” social was given in the Presbyterian church on Monday evening, September 24th. The church which had been beautifully decorated with flowers and evergreens was filled and after the good things had been well discussed the business of the evening began. A most excellent programme of music was presented and the singing of the various anthems called forth the rapturous applause of the enthusiastic audience. Indeed too much praise cannot be given to the ladies and gentleman of the choir for their careful, sympathetic and artistic rendering of the pieces. The efforts of the choir were well sustained by the speakers, Mr. Reid, of the Baptist church, Mr. G.D. Crombie, the much loved and venerable father of the pastor, and the pastor who grave and gay by turns, earned well merited and hearty cheers. After a vote of thanks moved by Mr. Gamble, elder, the goodly company separated, much pleased with their pleasant re-union (sic) which was a social and financial success.

Vars October 25, 1888 p. 4

The new Methodist church near Dickenson post office is expected to be opened between now and Christmas. When completed it will be a very substantial structure.

Clark Enterprise lodge. I.O.G.T., meets as usual in Victoria Hall, Vars, on Saturday evenings. The membership has greatly increased during the past two quarters. Bro. A. Lowrie, Lodge Deputy, deserves much praise for so ably performing his duties in connection with the lodge.

Mr. Campbell, merchant, has moved into his new store. Mr. Cheney has also improved his store.

Our resident painter, Mr. Lang, has added to the attractiveness of the place by painting his residence and also made other improvements in connection with it. During this season Mr. Lang has done and extensive business and he is quite busy at present.

A new school house will be built here next summer. This is a want long felt, for the present small log building is altogether inadequate for training the school children of this neighborhood. Miss Chamberlain is teacher.

Mr. G.C. Ronan has a large number of men employed at present taking out timber for lumber and other purposes. The men are located at the shanty which is situated a few miles from Vars.

Navan November 1, 1888 p 4

A very successful bazaar and concert was given here on Thursday, October 18, in the Sunday School Hall, for the benefit of the Church of England parsonage fund. A very nice collection of fancy and useful articles, furnished by the St. Mary’s Church sewing club were quickly dispensed of at the bazaar in the afternoon. The concert in the evening was very well attended, the Sunday school hall being crowded to the door. The programme was excellent, consisting of plays, recitations, music both vocal and instrumental, and speeches. The plays “Stage Struck” and “How they Kept the Secret” were rendered remarkably well. All those taking part in them are amateurs; and they deserve very great praise for the efficient way in which they took their roles. … [People named … Miss Campbell of Vars, Miss Alexina Ronan of Russell, Mr. Wm. Clarke, Mr. Wm. Sparks, Sarah Walsh, Katie Bickerton, Sarah Clarke, Ema Walsh, Nellie Jackson, Janie Dagg, Willie Cox, Mr. Lang of Vars]

Canaan November 22, 1888 p. 4

The roads are in a bad state owing to so much rain.

Mr. William Cooper, one of our oldest farmers, set sail from Quebec last week for Ireland. His son is taking charge of his farm until he returns.

Miss Ida Dawson, who has been absent for a few months, returned home last Thursday.

Several cheese makers have attempted to start a cheese factory in this place. It is to be hoped that the farmers will consent to have one started next spring.

Cumberland November 12, 1888 p. 4

Several families are reported as about leaving here for Michigan viz: Angus and John McMillan families and sister, Alex. Cameron and family and Duncan McMillan’s family.

Chas. Wilson is now preparing a foundation at the wharf on lot No. 15, O.S. for the erection of mills, and is also about erecting several houses near to the Manse in the village.

The south hald of lot No. 17, 1st concession O.S. on which there is a limestone quarry, producing building material of the best quality, and from which the stone for the erection of the C.P. railway bridge over the Rivere (sic) des Lièvres was taken was offered for sale here by public auction on the 15th ultimo, but withdrawen as the offers did not come up to the reserved bid.

The Rev. Jas. Myles Crombie, minister of the church here (Presbyterian) preached at L’Orignal and East Hawkesbury on the 4th last while the Rev. Mr. Fairlie conducted the services in the church here.

L.O.L. No 337 opened their new hall in the village with a ball on the evening of the 5th inst.

Bearbrook November 22, 1888 p. 4

Our little town is still growing and the rapid progress it has made during the last few months is astonishing.

Mr. W.F. Campbell’s fine new store is now completed and proves to be very valuable addition to the other fine buildings around the station. His grainery alongside the C.A.R. [Canada Atlantic Railway – djs] track is in course of erection and when finished will fill a long felt want.

Through the medium of our energetic and enterprising storekeeper, Mr. S.S. Cheeney, we now enjoy the privilege of a bi-daily mail. We are in need of a money order office here, and it would be well for those in charge of the postal department to make a note of this.

William Shaw’s handsome new brick residence is almost finished, the plastering and painting of the inside being left until next spring.

Some of our young girls have gone into mourning owing to some of our boys having left for California.

Mr. George McLaurin, of Ottawa, intends locating here, having purchased from James Thompson two quarter acre lots on which to erect two dwelling houses and an office. [George McLaurin was an Ottawa lawyer and money lender who had been born and raised in Clarence Township – djs]

Through the generosity of John Kennedy, Esq., a free site for the erection of an Anglican church was gifted to the members here who immediately laid the foundation of what is to be known s St. Andrew’s church. Donations of building material or pecuniary assistance will be gratefully received by the Rev. Morris Taylor treasurer to the vestry and missionary in charge.

Mr. J. McNally has purchased a lot for the erection of a shingle and plaining (sic) mill with sash and door factory, which he hopes to have working by March next.


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